Skill Development: O.P. Jindal Community Colleges

These colleges have been established as an entirely philanthropic, pioneering initiative that is the realisation of the vision of Shri O.P. Jindal to educate and train a "skilled workforce who makes the products and services of the industry as per international standards”.

These institutes offer vocational training in trades like electrical, welding, plumbing, fitting, computer operation, cutting and tailoring, steno Hindi and automotive. These institutes are located at Angul&Barbil (Odisha), Patratu and Godda (Jharkhand) and Punjipathra (Chhattisgarh). Besides the above educational initiatives, the company has also adopted four Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Sarangarh, Kharsia, Gharghoda in Chhattisgarh and Barbil in Odisha. Besides this, adult literacy programs have also been undertaken where close to 300 community teachers are teaching.

Women Empowerment

It is important to empower women. Empowerment means becoming able to take responsibility. Women have the right to determine their own choices in life. Several women empowerment initiatives have been undertaken by the Foundation. These initiatives aim to improve literacy as well as provide training to enhance livelihood generation opportunities amongst women. We provide them with primary help in order to start any production facility. This would in turn help in supplementing family incomes through community based micro-enterprises.

Awareness programs on gender parity, sexual harassment, domestic violence, legal rights are being conducted to increase awareness on such issues. Also, different skill development training programs are regularly organised to upgrade their existing traditional skills and simultaneously promote new skills.

All this in a bid to empower our women!